In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day Five

day five

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – Day Five – 09 / 09 / 2012

2014 edition:

Students went to ESARQ for lab work on fabrication process of the pavilion; after voting on one concept students further explored that concept by producing prototypes digitally and physically. Students experimented with different shapes for various skin patterns and structural performance.

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2013 edition:The morning visit was dedicated to La SagradaFamilia where the students and MAGLAB team were greeted by Professor Albert Estevez their architectural tour guru for the Sagrada. They were also joined by Architect Francesco Cabay, Architect Suzana Martins and Architect Antonio IgnazioVacca. The students started the tour with an exhibition of Gaudi´s work in detail;where they were able to understand Gaudi’s work, motivation, inspiration, and strong connectionto nature.

After the exhibition students entered the SagradaFamilia interior; students walked around the 45 meter forest like columns, the central nave, the basilica, the colored stained glass and many more details within the interior. They also visited the museum which contained details of the construction; students were able to see miniature models and details of the Sagrada, the process and construction period.


Later in the afternoon we went to ESARQ for material research and experimentation. Students were divided into three teams; strategy, concept and skin. One group researched the urban city Damascus in general, the ancient Syrian house in specific and how it can relate to the site on a grid pattern. Students also studied sun direction of the site, shadows and the possibilityof using plants and vegetation to create shading. They also experimented with different materials producing several miniature prototypes using CNC and laser cutting machine. After that each group presented their idea and concept to the teachers for discussion and assessment.

After many ideas and many prototypes were developed for the pavilion, a selection of one project was chosen to research and further study to later be fabricated in full scale.


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