In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day Four

day four

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – Day Four – 08 / 09 / 2012

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The morning visit was dedicated to La SagradaFamilia where the The students started the tour with an exhibition of Gaudi´s work in detail;where they were able to understand Gaudi’s work, motivation, inspiration, and strong connectionto nature.

After the exhibition students entered the SagradaFamilia interior; students walked around the 45 meter forest like columns, the central nave, the basilica, the colored stained glass and many more details within the interior. They also visited the museum which contained details of the construction; students were able to see miniature models and details of the Sagrada, the process and construction period.

Students also had a chance to visit Gas Natural tower also by

 EMBT Associated

 Architects, they had a walk under its peculiar cantilever and crazy mirror geometrical façade.

Students also had a chance to seeParque de Investigacion Biomedical (Biomedical Research Park);Endesa Energy  pavilion, ghery´s fish at Olympic port withits sun reflecting structure which was easily visible from a distance.Students had some time to stroll along its beach, take photos and enjoy the relaxed Catalan atmosphere.Students also visited Diagonal Mar Park by architect EnricMirallesand Zero tower by architects ManelBrullet&Albert de Pineda.


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