In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day one

day one

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – day one – 05 / 09 / 2013

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 In 2S Pace international design workshop initiated and run by MAGLAB Syria in collaboration with ESARQ Uic started its first day for the second edition of 2013 with an introductory visit to the university, starting with a lecture by director of IN 2S PACE workshop “Professor Alberto T. Estevez”.

 The lecture explored the relationship between digital researching and implementing this digital research into real scale built architecture. Students learnt about cities and its relation with nature and humans exploring the artists who drew inspiration from nature such as Gaudi, El Bosco, Dali, etc.

 The lecture also explored the emergence of the biological digital processes, comparing how in the past we were able to only see the surface of things with now being able to explore the intermolecular organization of things. Finally the students lecture concluded that we ought to learn from nature, which teaches us a natural way to heat, light, cool and live.

Later all 35 students were introduced to the university laboratory, fabrication machines and site area. After many photos taken and site inspection students later returned to the working studio to research the materials, strategies and brainstorm ideas for the pavilion.

 After the lunch break “Professor Aref Maksoud” director of IN 2S PACE workshop gave an intro of MAGLAB and latern on gave a intensive lecture about fashion of architecture and explaining some Smart materials and the usage of technology in architecture exploring strategies materials and applications.

 The lecture explored the theory behind building investigating reasons

Students learnt that only through experimenting whether through digital experimentations or through material research are we able to reach better results. The lecture explored the ideas of eco thinking and sustainability and the result it has on architecture, structure and urban cities. The lecture also explored parametric design strategies and tools such as branching system, tessellation system and component system. Finally there was a comparison between digital tools and hand drawing, drawing vs. computer.

The day was concluded with ended with a researches on some different materials and new ideas. Students found it very useful to explore and research different material options.


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