In2Space workshop – Barcelona – day two

2day two

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – day Two – 06 / 09 / 2013

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The second day was filled with visits to many important architectural landmarks in Barcelona. Students were able to draw inspiration and gain a better visual understanding of these landmarks. They were joined by brazilian architect Andrea Macruz; Prof.Aref Maksoud gave many important insightful comments and observations about modernarchitecture in Barcelona

 The visits started with tower Agbar from inside and outside discovering the strucutre and coloerfull panelling strategy, After we entered the DHUB mesuem which will open at 2014 showing the students many important exhabition about smart materials and fashions, art and different architectural projects with international competitions.then we all moved to .  Media Tech building with the facinating High tech material , on the facade-ETFE- after we finished our visits with LA PEDRERA showing the creativity of Antonio Gaudi and chalenge done by him throghout the structural strategy and roof art. .


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