In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day nine

day nine

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – Day seven – 11 / 02 / 2012

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The lecture explored the development of a solar house from the solar decathlon competition which Luis entered. Students learnt that it is important to know how a house is going to work in terms of its climatic performance. Students also learnt about different projects such as Lumenhaus (Virginia technology), Lukku (University of Finland), and Eco (Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna). Students learnt about the importance of layering in a solar house envelope, insulation, microclimates, low energy, passive strategies and always using lowest energy embodied materials. The lecture also showed animations of wind analysis in Ecotect and CFD.

After that students had a chance to further discuss and ask questions about solar houses and sustainability in general.

Later students had a lecture by Architect Diego Cuevas; the lecture explored projects and competitions from ControlMad and Alfa 301 Advanced Architecture. Students learnt about the competition won for a sculpture in Valencia where the original idea was to study oranges from which he was able to develop a very schematic branching system. Students learnt about ControlMad and its workshops in Rhino, Ecotect, grasshopper and digital fabrication. The lecture also explored a project assigned by Arup Engineering which the architect is exploring.

Later students had the chance for questions and discussion. After that they further worked on the fabrication process and started to assemble on site.


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