In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day six

day six

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – Day six– 08 / 02 / 2012

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The morning visit included Gaudi’s CASA BATLLÓ where we started with a tour of the casa which is now turned into a museum and exhibition. Students were able to observe more closely the detail and brilliance involved in Gaudi´s work.

The students concluded the morning visit with IAAC, institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia. They were greeted by the academic coordinator Nota Tsekourawho gave a tour of the institute; its advanced research programs in sustainability, urban design and digital architecture.Students also learnt about IAAC´s state of the art facilities such as 2D & 3D printers, laser cutters, milling machines and large format plotters.

After the tour the students were given a lecture by MAA Master Program Director Areti Markopoulou.  They were introduced to IAAC, its objectives, vision, and projects. The students also learnt about the Master courses in Advanced Architecture.  They also learnt about FABLAB; a laboratory for production, investigation, education and research.

Later in the afternoon the students went to ESARQ fora lecture by Carlos Perez Alba from McNeel Europe. They learnt about new versions of Rhino, its applications and services. They were introduced to some examples of production and fabrication such as ZahaHadid shoe, Adidas shoe, tiffany jewelry, etc. The students also learnt about many companies using Rhino in application such as in; jewelry design, yacht design, engineering, construction, industrial, marine, furniture, etc.

After that the students gathered to discuss material options and strategies of fabrication of the pavilion. They were divided into three groups; skin, scale, and strategy. They studied pavilion location on site, parameters, scale& size, folding techniques using Rhino, AutoCAD, hand drawing, hand folding and prototype experimenting.


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