Organized by:

MAG LABMaterials – Advanced Architecture – Generative Laboratory”Syria, Spain, UAE, Italy, UK –

Hosted by : Iaac The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Workshop Director:

–          M.Arch.Aref Maksoud / MAG LAB

MAGLAB Director, Authorized Training Center of McNeel (Robert McNeel& Associates– United States) in Middle East,

Professor of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design

AIU “Arab International University”, Syria

Visitor professor of Biodigital Master and PHD program, EsArq – UiC (UniversitatInternacional de Catalunya), Spain

Design Director
–          Prof.Dr.BeaGoller

Architect and founder of the architectural design studio Congoritme Arqtes, (Barcelona), Spain. Former architectural exhibition curator at COAC and external collaborator of Quaderns d’Arquitectura.

Teaching experiences in: Master Program of Ephemeral Architecture (at ELISAVA Design School and ETSAB Barcelona), Metropolis Program of Architecture and Urban Culture (UPC and CCCB Barcelona), and postgraduate studies ”Art and Sound-Space”. Currently is investigating about architecture, sound and science in the PHD program at ETSAM (Madrid).

Main tutor  –  Prof.M.Arch.AndreaMacruz / Nolii

Nolii Co-Founder & Designer · São Paulo, Brazil

M.Arch:UIC – UniversitatInternacional de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain.

Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo Mackenzie

São Paulo, Brazil.

UniversidadePresbiteriana Mackenzie

Campinas, Sao Paulo.

Guest Jury and mentor:
         Prof.Francesco Ducato

Architect, artist, professor and lecturer at International Universities. Stardust* Director.

Siracusa. Where he started receiving an artistic education from the school and from the environment, full of historical and natural “monuments”. Since he was a child he demonstrated artistic skills, participated to exhibitions and got prizes. Then he decided to study architecture.
“Architecture is art”, with this idea Francesco was studying at the university, and always combined the studies with art activities (exhibitions, workshops) and his own artistic production.
After living two years in Palermo in 2000 he got a grant (Erasmus, given to the three best students of the year) to spend a period of 12 months at the University of Barcelona, one of the most important schools of architecture in Europe. Moving to Barcelona was a big change in terms of life and formation.
Francesco completed the studies cum laude and special mention between Palermo and Barcelona immerse in the new European culture. After the degree in architecture in 2004 he got a Master in “New Instrument of Architecture” at the Etsab (The School of Barcelona).
Since his first professional steps was developing his own projects and collaborating with important artists or architectural studios such as Pere Riera/RGA Arquitectes in Barcelona, Enric Ruiz Geli/Cloud 9 also in Barcelona and Robert Wilson/Watermill Center in New York. With the Wilson’s approach of cutting edges and artistic multitasking Francesco is developing the last projects with the studio Stardust* that he founded in 2008 with Carla Athayde in Barcelona (Spain).

Since he was a student he was teaching and lecturing in several universities and institutions around the world. Some of them are: the Arab International University (Syria), Faculty of Architecture of Palermo (Italy), Faculty of Architecture of Siracusa (Italy), Elisava (Spain), Faculty of Engineering of Bologna (Italy), Catalan International University/Esarq in Barcelona (Spain), Faculty of Architecture of Bahia/Faufba (Brazil).

Supported by:

McNeel (Robert McNeel& Associates– United States) in Middle East and Europe


–          Stardust* (Spain, Brazil, Italy, USA,

Sponsored by:

–          IbdaatMagazine (Damascus, Syria –,

Media partner:

–          Formakers lab and magazine

–          Style magazine


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