In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day Four

day four

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – Day Four – 08 / 09 / 2012

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The morning visit was dedicated to La SagradaFamilia where the The students started the tour with an exhibition of Gaudi´s work in detail;where they were able to understand Gaudi’s work, motivation, inspiration, and strong connectionto nature.

After the exhibition students entered the SagradaFamilia interior; students walked around the 45 meter forest like columns, the central nave, the basilica, the colored stained glass and many more details within the interior. They also visited the museum which contained details of the construction; students were able to see miniature models and details of the Sagrada, the process and construction period.

Students also had a chance to visit Gas Natural tower also by

 EMBT Associated

 Architects, they had a walk under its peculiar cantilever and crazy mirror geometrical façade.

Students also had a chance to seeParque de Investigacion Biomedical (Biomedical Research Park);Endesa Energy  pavilion, ghery´s fish at Olympic port withits sun reflecting structure which was easily visible from a distance.Students had some time to stroll along its beach, take photos and enjoy the relaxed Catalan atmosphere.Students also visited Diagonal Mar Park by architect EnricMirallesand Zero tower by architects ManelBrullet&Albert de Pineda.


In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day Three

day three

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – Day Three – 07 / 09 / 2013

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Day three the students went to ESARQ, the day started with a lecture by Architect Olga Gutierrez Prat. The students learnt about 80 Arcquitectura; the firm and its projects in both the public and private sector. The lecture also explored in more detail installations done by the architect which is more involved in interactive architecture. Many of the installations were designed freely based on a simple concept; students learnt that it is not necessary to digitally design an installation first hand but to experiment on site with ideas which also makes the fabrication process very fun. The students learnt about different materials used in installations such as ping pong balls, rope, plant pots, bells, bamboo sticks, reflective plastic and metal. The lecture explored how important it is to study the site so that any installation or pavilion is better integrated with its environment.  After the lecture students had a chance to ask questions and further discuss Olga´s installations.

Later on students also had a lecture by Architect EdouardCabay from APPAREIL. The lecture was oriented around mainly two things; fabrication and process. Students learnt about environmental architecture and the importance of it in this day of age where construction and transportation are the main causes of global warming. The lecture also explored many projects which Edouard was involved in, such asPlaza DelMilenio and Media Tic by Cloud 9 which the students got to visit the next day. Students also learnt about large scale buildings and the possibility for a building to have very low weight in terms of square meters. They also learnt about the importance of physical tests and prototype experiments to understand structure. The lecture also explored a competition which Edouard entered trying to reinvent agriculture; with the idea that the environment is becoming more urban and more people are moving into the cities. The project involves creating an incubator for vegetables to grow serving the population; where production is based on a genetic code input leading to the quantity of production.

After that students had a chance to ask questions, discuss, and experiment with ideas and concepts.

In2Space workshop – Barcelona – day two

2day two

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – day Two – 06 / 09 / 2013

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The second day was filled with visits to many important architectural landmarks in Barcelona. Students were able to draw inspiration and gain a better visual understanding of these landmarks. They were joined by brazilian architect Andrea Macruz; Prof.Aref Maksoud gave many important insightful comments and observations about modernarchitecture in Barcelona

 The visits started with tower Agbar from inside and outside discovering the strucutre and coloerfull panelling strategy, After we entered the DHUB mesuem which will open at 2014 showing the students many important exhabition about smart materials and fashions, art and different architectural projects with international competitions.then we all moved to .  Media Tech building with the facinating High tech material , on the facade-ETFE- after we finished our visits with LA PEDRERA showing the creativity of Antonio Gaudi and chalenge done by him throghout the structural strategy and roof art. .

In2Space workshop – Barcelona – Day one

day one

In2Space work shop – Barcelona – day one – 05 / 09 / 2013

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 In 2S Pace international design workshop initiated and run by MAGLAB Syria in collaboration with ESARQ Uic started its first day for the second edition of 2013 with an introductory visit to the university, starting with a lecture by director of IN 2S PACE workshop “Professor Alberto T. Estevez”.

 The lecture explored the relationship between digital researching and implementing this digital research into real scale built architecture. Students learnt about cities and its relation with nature and humans exploring the artists who drew inspiration from nature such as Gaudi, El Bosco, Dali, etc.

 The lecture also explored the emergence of the biological digital processes, comparing how in the past we were able to only see the surface of things with now being able to explore the intermolecular organization of things. Finally the students lecture concluded that we ought to learn from nature, which teaches us a natural way to heat, light, cool and live.

Later all 35 students were introduced to the university laboratory, fabrication machines and site area. After many photos taken and site inspection students later returned to the working studio to research the materials, strategies and brainstorm ideas for the pavilion.

 After the lunch break “Professor Aref Maksoud” director of IN 2S PACE workshop gave an intro of MAGLAB and latern on gave a intensive lecture about fashion of architecture and explaining some Smart materials and the usage of technology in architecture exploring strategies materials and applications.

 The lecture explored the theory behind building investigating reasons

Students learnt that only through experimenting whether through digital experimentations or through material research are we able to reach better results. The lecture explored the ideas of eco thinking and sustainability and the result it has on architecture, structure and urban cities. The lecture also explored parametric design strategies and tools such as branching system, tessellation system and component system. Finally there was a comparison between digital tools and hand drawing, drawing vs. computer.

The day was concluded with ended with a researches on some different materials and new ideas. Students found it very useful to explore and research different material options.




سوريا – إسبانيا – – إيطاليا (مختبر المواد المعمارية – الهندسة المعماريةالمتقدمة)كجزء من مجموعة مقصود المعمارية ، في الشرق الأوسط من خلال المكاتب التابعة لهاMcNeelمركز تدريب معتمد من

معهد العمارة المتقدمة في كتالونيا – برشلونا – اسبانيا

كلية الهندسة المعمارية في جامعة كاتالونيا الدولية الخاصة / برشلونا – اسبانيا

 يسرها أن تعلن ورشة العمل

“in2space 2014 للسنة الثالثة “

التي ستجرى في برشلونا – اسبانيا يوم 4 سبتمبر 2014

الهدف من ورشة العمل هو إعداد الطلاب من مختلف التخصصات والبلدان للنهوض ضمن مجال التكنولوجية في الهندسة المعمارية، و دمج مجالات التصميم، الفن، والهندسة، والبناء والعلوم الطبيعية.

وستركز ورشة العمل على تحدي حدود التصميم التقليدية الممارسة في الهندسة المعمارية . وهي تسعى إلى إثارة إعادة النظر في الأساليب والممارسات ونظريات التصميم فيما يتعلق بمجالات الهندسة، والروبوتات، والتصنيع الرقمي وعلوم المواد والأحياء.

ورشة العمل أيضا سوف تزود المشاركين بفرصة اكتشاف برشلونا هذه المدينة الجميلة مع رؤية مهنية حول الهندسة المعمارية وثقافتها. وسوف توفر أيضا فرصة فريدة لزيارة استوديوهات الهندسة المعمارية و المدارس المعمارية الأكثر شهرة والاقتراب من الخبرة الأجنبية ومنهجياتها.

يتضمن البرنامج زيارات ميدانية لأهم المهندسين المعماريين والجامعات وخبرة المصممين، ويوفر بيئة ثقافية محفزة للغاية التي بدورها توفر مقدمة واسعة مكثفة لكل من مجالات الأزياء والتصميم، الفن المعماري .

سوف يتعلم المشاركون كيفية إعداد تصاميمهم لتكون جاهزة للتنفيذ باستخدام الليزر و الطابعات ثلاثية الابعاد ، التصنيع باستخدام الحاسب الآلي والتكنولوجيات ذات الصلة، وابراز اهمية الوعي بعملية التنفيذ و التي ينبغي أن تؤثر على عملية التصميم من بداية التفكير في التصميم.

في نهاية ورشة العمل سوف يحصل كل مشارك على شهادة رسمية للمشاركة موقعة رسميا من قبل المنظمين والمتعاونين ضمن الورشة من الجامعات والجمعيات ذات الصلة.

يغلق باب التسجيل ضمن الورشة في 15 تموز/ 2014.

MAGLAB, Syria – Spain – Italy (Materials- Advanced Architecture – Generative Laboratory) as a part of Maksoud Architectural Group, authorized training center of McNeel in the Middle East through its affiliate offices, is pleased to announce

In 2 S pace Workshop 2014 second edition“that will take place in BCN – Spain on September 4th 2014.

In 2S pace is a cutting-edge Workshop in Academia worldwide focusing exclusively on novel approaches to the [Architecture] emerging practice.

The goal of the workshop is to prepare students from different disciplines and countries for the continuing advancement of technological and computational processes in architecture, as they merge the fields of design, Art, engineering, construction and natural sciences.

The workshop will focus on challenging the design space boundaries of current architectural and engineering practice. It seeks to provoke a re-examination of techniques, practices and theories of design in relation to the fields of engineering, robotics, digital manufacturing, material science and biology.

The workshop also will provide participants to discover this beautiful city with a professional vision about its architecture and culture. It will provide also a unique opportunity to visit the most famous architecture studios and approach the foreign experience and its methodologies.

From the program kick-off, the multicultural active framework facilitates live learning through site visits to of the most important Architects, universities and designers experience , offers a highly stimulating cultural environment that provides a broad yet intensive introduction to a palette of fashion, design, Art and architectural -analytical and theoretical- backbones.

The workshop will explore how a digital and technologies view of design could be implemented in a real scale built product.

The output will be the development of the Participant’s skills with knowledge of computational design Systems.

The participants will learn how to prepare their designs to be fabricated by using laser cutter, 3d printer, CNC and related technologies and how the awareness of the fabrication process should affect their design process from the early beginning.

At the end of the workshop each participant will receive an official certificate of participation signed officially by the related workshop collaborators universities and associations.

The Workshop applications are online and close on 15th July 2014.

For european participants, registration close on 1st september 2014